FTW, MS Gillian McKeith

Do you remember my rant about people who buy correspondence PhDs from non-accredited colleges, and parade them as if they are bona fide qualifications? And my letter to Sainsbury’s?
Well, I win. They are changing their database accordingly.

Although they quite clearly think I’m a nutter.

13 thoughts on “FTW, MS Gillian McKeith

  1. Its genius. I'm going to use that phrase everytime someone complains to me about anything from now on.

    them: “I've failed a course which means I've failed my degree. what can I do?”
    me: ” I know how annoying that must be for you!”

    and check out that sig. really spent more than 1 second signing that letter off, eh? Ah well, Natalie Sweeney, Customer Manager of Sainsbury's. This blog ranks fairly high on google searches, so whenever anyone searches for you, I know how annoying it must be for you to be associated with this…. 🙂


  2. Great stuff! I went through a phase of sending irate 'nutter' letters (mainly to MPs and other government bods) and it was always amusing to see the replies I got. Even better by email because they were less formal – and less concerned with proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.


  3. You are already #1 in the Google search for “I know how annoying that must be for you” lets try and keep it that way:)


  4. In my holiday job experience of receiving and replying to complaint letters, polite and sensible ones are so infrequent, it was actually a pleasure to reply to, and hopefully take action upon, their point.


  5. I used to write replies to nutter letters for some MP's. The fun one can have in apparently expressing sympathy and regret whilst not actually doing so justifies those long English classes…


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