Re: Negative Feedback

…as an addendum to the post, below, about the change in feedback on ebay. I’ve just “sold” 50 things on ebay. It looks like 48 transactions are going fine. One person has already emailed to say “sorry, I just wanted to see how high the bidding went, and I dont have any money to pay for the item”. The other is quibbling about how much it costs to send a (rare, collectable) vinyl record to Finland. Both wasting my time (charges were clearly stated). And guess which ones are getting negative feedback from me?

Now imagine a world where people are able to bid up your items just for fun – and you cant say anything when they dont pay up…

On another note, I took 20 albums to the post office today. Had an interesting conversation with Joan Behind the Counter about how eBay really was the saviour of the Post Office in the UK.

2 thoughts on “Re: Negative Feedback

  1. I think some of the “fooling around” on ebay such as “I just wanted to see how high the bidding went” comes from this silly notion that you win. I won this on ebay my workmates annouce with glee. No you didn’t you paid for it in a transaction. (Strange ideas they have!! What else could I sell them so that they think they have won, I try all day then to think of items).I think the internet has done wonders for the post office. However I still insist on sending back all pre-paid envelopes that come in my letter box to keep the posties in a job. Sometimes I send the envelopes empty other times with any strange item that I find in the house..the strange toy that was in the Shreddies, some other letter that also offered me yet another credit card used bus tickets.However perhaps I am not using these items correctly perhaps my workmates would like to WIN them.


  2. 🙂I agree – a very strange turn of language. Even when you list items on ebay, you get an email saying “congratulations! you listed your item”.Once I was ill in hospital. Every time I was sick, the nurses would congratulate you and say “you’re doing very well!”. Wow, I thought. None of this going to University, getting a job, being intelligent and struggling through malarky. All I have to do is be ill at regular intervals and I have achieved something.Its the same with ebay. There is a wonderful song by a band called Johnny Boy which is titled “You are the generation that bought more shoes and you get what you deserve”. Couldnt agree more.


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