Normal Service Shall Resume Shortly

…the book is submitted, and already in production. We’re already designing the front cover, which is always fun. Before I go onto (or back to) other things, here’s some interesting factoids about digital images:

  • There are more than 14 million digital images uploaded to Facebook every day [source]
  • The most common tag used on Flickr is “me” [source]
  • The phrase “picture element” has been used to describe the individual points in a bitmap since 1927, and this wasnt shortened to pixel until 1965, using the popular abbreviation “pix” used by hollywood gossip columnists [source]
  • Images could be sent over telegraph in 1843 – only three or four years after the discovery of “photography” itself. There is a hidden history of electronic, and digital images, which stretches back as far as the invention of the film camera. But you’ll have to buy the book to read up on that one.

One thought on “Normal Service Shall Resume Shortly

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