You Dig

Due to other house-bound duties (involving a small friend and nursery rhymes) I’m not able to go to the dig at sunny Silchester this year, to see how the VERA (Virtual Environments for Research in Archaeology) project is coming along, but the Blog seems to suggest things are doing really well, with good uptake of digital pens and the like on site.

There’s an open day on site on Wednesday 23rd July in case anyone fancies checking out what the project is trying to achieve:

To showcase the VERA project actually working on site! The excavation itself is probably the best place to show how the technology in the VERA project is actually being used. There will be the opportunity to see real life contexts being recorded and the data uploaded into the Integrated Archaeological Database.

More details here, if you feel like heading down to the dig. Weather forecast is sun! (have I just jinxed it?)

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