Oot ‘n’ Aboot, In ‘n’ Aroond

Last week was a busy one. I know that some folks check in here to see what academics do – so here’s what I did.

  • Monday – in my lovely shed at hame, writing, editing, catching up with email, catching up with admin. Started my next paper which is due in for the Arts Libraries Journal regarding emergent issues and digitisation.
  • Tuesday – Much of the same. In the shed. Making the camera ready copy for the book based on the DHQ edition, and working on editing the two volumes that I’m doing with Brent Nelson from Saskatoon, on digitising medieval material and textual culture.
  • Wednesday -off to Oxford Uni, to meet with various members of the team from the e-Science and Ancient Documents project.
  • Thursday – off to Roman Silchester, to hang out at the archaeological dig and catch up with things regarding the VERA project. The sun did shine, but no treasure was to be found that day, alas.
  • Friday – off to Antwerp. Work and play that one, to catch up on the TEI By Example project, and see Edward Vanhoutte and family, and have a good gossip about various digital humanities things.

So there you have it. This week I am in my shed the entire week, so hope to make good progress on all three books and write two journal papers. There is not much routine round here to speak of, so when weeks like this happen once or twice a year, its full steam ahead…

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