Slow to a stop

Been quiet around here… I contracted some old fashioned, hardcore food poisoning and its taken me two weeks to even approximate towards normal. Grrrrr. Lots to catch up on.

I spent a lot of time over the past week aimlessly surfing the web from my sickbed, catching up on blogs and feeds and news. I’d love to share with you some hidden gems I discovered, but to be honest… a lot of the information overflow was just a little bit…. Meh. Celebrities I have never heard of (there seem to be more and more to fill the voids in internet content), cliched writing, and Gies a job I can do that artwork. Which probably says something about me – I probably need to retreat from the interwebs, knuckle down for a few weeks to make up for lost time, and you know, pick up an academic book or something once in a while, now my brain is cranking up again.

But still. Some fun things along the way if you fancy wasting some time:
Lady Gaga as architectural cipher,
When the heroes from your teenage years totally disappoint,
Why change perfection (and gies a job I could do better),
A wealth of design info,
a fun start to the day,
know your onions,
when crafts go bad,
big in japan.

And now, cold turkey from random interweb travails. I have an overview journal paper, chapters to edit, and courses to plan (including the start of lecture writing for next term…) this week. Rationed interwebs! Rationed twitter! Rationed f’book! Nose: Grindstone!

I would write *sigh*, but the truth is I’m glad to be back.

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