Its that time of year again, you can taste the air

Back 2 Skool today: start of the new academic year. Its amazing how nervous we staff all get – I think the academic year become so entrenched in your psyche (lets face it, we loved school so much we never quite got round to leaving) that the first week of term looms large as an event. Who needs Hogmanay – we’ve got our own academic Janus looking forward and back over lecture notes here.

This years new set of pencils and pencil case, and new leather satchell, comes for me in the form of an iPhone. I have finally succumbed to a combination of necessity (I need to go online and get that piece of info NOW!), fear (how many emails have come in since I checked 2 hours ago?), lust (mmmm, shiny, beeping), jealousy (if they have one then why cant I?), and plain old peer pressure (everyone see when they can make the meeting on their shiny new iPhones! apart from Melissa, who has a filofax… na na na naaa naaa!).

Like I said, we liked the playground so much, we never left. Cover me, I’m going in….

2 thoughts on “Its that time of year again, you can taste the air

  1. Yes. pockets on the inside as well as the outside. and my inside pocket had a very small hole, so I could actually store pens in the lining of my blazer too, just squeezing them out of the lining when needed… who needed a pencil case when you could store pens IN YOUR BLAZER!


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