Went to see Avatar in 3D last night. My first 3D film (and I’m showing my age by admitting I expected to get paper goggles, one with a red, one with a green lens).

Aside from the obvious plot borrowings (I wont go into them in case I reveal any spoilers) and the rubbishness of the name of the mineral “Unobtanium”, I enjoyed it, although I find the “now throw something at the audience” moments a bit lame. Must read up more about the RealD technology behind it. And I’m looking forward to seeing Star Wars in 3D, eventually…

All this to say – my favourite part of the film was a totally minor aside. The bad guy (evil american selfish commander, not the military one but the one played by Phoebe’s brother) was showing people his evil masterplan on a cool holographic display. But of course, he had no idea how to use it and had to get a minion to work the darn thing. Ha.

(The image above is a mashup between Avatar and The Guild’s “do you want to date my avatar”. The Guild is the most successful online comedy series of all time – about computer gamers. Hilarious.)

One thought on “Avatar

  1. I went and saw the movie with my wife under false ideas. I only knew about this film from word of mouth and I saw a clip from one advertisment. It showed the Col giving a safty brief and had me convinced that it would be a movie of servival of the races. Alas when I sat in the movie row about 45 mins into it I saw it was a pro-envirement and once again we the US military are the bad guys.
    I don't know if anyone else has started to notice or maybe it's just me being parinoid however it would appear that times have not changed that much. Back in the 60's the US soldier was publicly denounced and spit on. The hippi anti-americans of yesterday have become more creative. Instead of telling me to my face they hate me they go and make a 500 million film and tell the WORLD how much they hate their own troops…no wonder this film is so popular overseas…


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