In which I tentatively start to think about work, again

You know you’ve been away from your blog too long when a colleague emails you to say “so when were you thinking of updating it…?” I did say I would resurface in the Spring, but here we are mid Summer…. and here we are, above. Everyone is doing well, I’m back to full mobility, and life is settling into a chaotic but rewarding routine. I’m not back to work proper for another two months, but in walks around the Common with the buggy I’m starting to ruminate on what’s next, what I want to research, etc. There are plenty plans up my sleeve.

It’s not like I’ve been idle, either – I have been hanging out aplenty on twitter (@melissaterras) as the micro blog form seems to suit the 5 minutes here or there of peace I have whilst running after the three youngsters. There are also various other things that have been going on, which I will detail properly when coming back to work.

On Wednesday – I am actually leaving the house, to go into that there London, to the Interface Conference, where I will be one of the plenary speakers. Nothing like a baptism of fire when getting back into work things after a year away from the office, I find. I’m looking forward to seeing real people (I hope you look like your avatars). If you are there, say hi.

I’ll post my plenary text here after the event. And be back to work, properly, in mid September. Looking forward to it.

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