The blog post that was

So, I admit, I committed a crime in social media circles. I created some content that I thought a few people may be interested in, posted it, then promptly went on leave for four weeks and didn’t follow up here. Sorry. Real life cant be helped though (we had to vacate our house for four weeks as it is being massively extended and I took the boys out of the way while walls came down and went up again. And when I got back the internet was broken in my shed).

I didn’t predict the level of interest that my post on blogging and tweeting about research papers would garner, though! It has been retweeted at least 500 times, featured in the Times Higher, been circulated to all the Deans and Heads of Department at UCL (so I’m told), been guest featured at the LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog, and been viewed by at least 7000 people (including the stats from LSE). I even have 200 or so new twitter followers (hullo!) So, further evidence that its worth keeping up this blogging malarky then…

Best get back to it.  Need to think of something else as interesting to write next… but therein madness lies. I’ve enjoyed seeing how far a little, simple, idea of mine flew. Now on to the next thing…

One thought on “The blog post that was

  1. This is great, thank you so much for sharing your work.

    I am a nurse and work mainly in healthcare. My challenge is I'm a young professional with less experience in research, and therefore am not publishing a lot work at the moment. It is great to have a concrete example of how an academic using digital tools has increased interest (or at least downloads) in your research. Keep up the great work and if you see any great samples in healthcare I'd love to hear about them, I love my information scientists and librarians!



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